FAQ Help

Compuprint professionals are always available to guide you make smart choices while designing and printing your work. But, you might want to get a head-start into the ideation and planning process for your work with us. You may have questions in your mind about the whole process. So, here we are sharing some answers to frequently asked questions by our clients. Hope it helps!

How do I reach out to you?

Send us your enquiry by filling up a little form on the Contact Us page of this website. Share some details of your job with us. We will get in touch with you. Or call us or visit our office and speak with us directly.

What’s the process of engaging with you?

A happy cycle of engagement looks somewhat like this –
– you send us an enquiry
– we reach out to you
– we understand your requirements
– we give you a rough estimate of cost
– we design and share a sample
– you review and approve
– we share the exact cost estimate
– you approve the cost and pay an advance
– we finalize design and print job
– we despatch your work
– we receive remaining payment

Do you do design and layout work as well?

Absolutely. We have a dedicated team of designers who are experienced and highly skilled. They can design and layout your work and get them reviewed by you before we print.

In what format do I need to share my job with you for design and print?

If you have designed and laid it out already, email the high resolution PDF file to us for print. “Create Outline“ of the Text, before converting to PDF.
● If we are to do the design and layout, you can email an MS Word document or any other file format to us.
● If you have an MS Word document with specific styles and fonts, as per your preference, email the style sheet along with the Word file.
● Ensure all the images are in CMYK mode.

What software does Compuprint use to design and layout?

Our designers use Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, to do most of our work. We find these to be versatile tools that suit all requirements.

What are the factors that affect the cost of design and printing?

There are several factors that impact the cost of design and printing. The nature of your job and your choice of specifications will determine the variation in cost.
Some factors are – Need for special design and layout, Design of wrapper and cover pages, Size, Number of pages, Colors, Number of copies, Type of paper used, Type of Binding and Finishing, Use of special colors, etc.

How do I choose the right paper for my job?

There are several options available. We are here to help you choose the paper most suited to your specific job. You can have a look at the sample papers in person, if you visit us. However, here is some general information about paper types for your interest:
● Uncoated paper – Available in natural shade (off-white) or white, having a slightly coarse finish. This is a popular choice for books. Available in various degrees of thickness from 60 to 120 gsm.
● Coated paper – Has a glossy finish and is typically used for color prints, specially for photos and image heavy print jobs. Can be used in combination with uncoated paper for jobs that include text and images.
● Textured paper – Has a special texture and feel to it. Used for Brochures, Business Cards, Invitations, etc.
● For the Cover page of books, a variety of boards are available in thickness ranging from 200 gsm to 300 gsm. The boards can be uncoated / coated or textured.

What special effects can I add to my job?

There are several attractive options available to give that special look to your job. We have options for Gloss / Matt Lamination, Spot UV Lamination, Foil Stamping, Embossing, De-bossing that can be applied. We can suggest appropriate effects according to the nature of your job.

What are the options available in binding?

We have all options that are prevalent today. The popular options for some print material are:
– For books- Paperback and Hardbound. You could choose a combination such as Paperback for most of the copies and Hardbound for limited edition.
– 4/6 page Brochures can be folded.
– Brochures with 8 or more pages can be center pinned / Loop pinned (which allows filing without punching out filing holes)

Do you help create e-books?

Yes. We can create an e-pub version of your book which can be uploaded on a site such as Amazon or as a Kindle book . This format is compatible for online sharing and download purposes. The creation of the e-pub version entails an additional cost.

Do you help secure publication rights?

Every book needs to secure an ISBN number from the right authorities. Compuprint guides you in the process of getting an ISBN number for your book, in your name, at the right time in the print process. This number is then printed on your book cover.

What is the typical time required for a print job?

We like to keep our turnaround time short. However, the turnaround time of a job depends on the complexity of the design and print specifications.
– A repeat/ routine print job can get despatched within 2 working days.
– A fully designed and laid out PDF of a book can get printed and despatched to you within 4 days of receiving the document.
– A job requiring complex design and finishing can take a week or more…

How do I receive the final prints?

We use a local or domestic courier depending on your location to despatch your print job to you. We charge you at actuals for the courier service with no additional service charges. Overseas consignments can be despatched via International courier/ Air or Ocean Cargo.

 Can I be assured of confidentiality of my orders?

Always. We take security and confidentiality of your data and files seriously. We ensure your files are secure and access is controlled.

How do I pay for my orders?

You can use a payment mode that suits you. We accept payment via GooglePay / UPI / NEFT / IMPS.